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We're creating a new music video for the song “Uncommon Man” and we'd like feature photos of fathers with their kids. We want to make this a tribute to all of the unsung heros and dads out there.
Our plan is to release the video on Father's day across our social media. 

The photo you submit can be old or current, as long as it shows dads with their kids. 

If you already have a digital image, fantastic!
If you have an old photo album or a framed photo and can snap a picture of it with your mobile phone, that will work too. Make sure it's the best resolution that your phone or device can capture and that it's in focus.

JPG, TIFF, PNG or HEIC are all fine to send.

Scroll down and UPLOAD with the form below.

If you have any questions or trouble uploading, email: SUE@BEEHIVEPRO.COM

We included a stream of the song below as well as the lyrics for you to enjoy and get some inspiration.

Thank you for your contribution to this project! 

– Mike

Uncommon Man 
Written by Mike Mitchell & Dawn Kenney

Humble and hardworking, Carhartt and calloused hands.
Sunrise clear to supper, a simple honest man.
He could saw an old-time fiddle, he had a voice clear as a bell.
Back when he was younger folks knew his music well.
He chased that star from town to town, living life out on the road,
But on that day that I was born, he know his heart belonged at home.


There’s no ordinary way to understand the hopes and dreams he left behind,
for life’s demands.
The unsung hero doing right, his sacrifice came before his other plans.

Uncommon, common man.

Growing up I’d watch him underneath that Chevy’s hood.
He taught me how to turn a wrench, keep an engine running good.
The radio was always on, old Hank and Patsy songs.
He said “Life was written in those lines” and I learned to sing along.
Knoxville was his last show, his name up on that marquis,
But at home with me and mama, is where he was meant to be.

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Thank You for Submitting!

By submitting this photo you are giving Mike Mitchell permission to use it in his video for "Uncommon Man." It will not be used for any other purpose.

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